Love, Joy & Hate Flowerz Blossom! - Flat Cap

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What kind flower will you choose?

Check it out!

Your Seedling finally sprouted and now its a flower! How did you take care of it?
Did you give it love, joy or hate?

Well you get to choose what your "Seedling Sprout" has finally blossomed into.

Love will make your flower turn bright and holy.
Joy will make your flower extra happy & enthusiastic.
An hate will only make your flower mischievous and naughty.

Each purchase comes with one Black Hat with your choice of Red, Yellow or Blue bill.
Flat Embroider Stitch design, made on demand and take up to 1-2 week processing.

-Limited Quantities Available-
300 Each Style

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  • Holy Flower
  • Happy Flower
  • Demi Flower